Friday, December 16, 2011

Review: The Start-Up and Anti-Social Network

The Start-Up&The Anti-Social Network
by Sadie Hayes

Published by:Backlit Fiction, LLC
Released on:October 17th,2011
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When a college freshman's breakthrough software program catapults her into the limelight, she and her twin brother must navigate a treacherous world of money, power, and envy: Silicon Valley.

In a world of tweets, apps, and mobile games, The Start-Up is a fast-paced and exciting serial story with a new episode released each month.

 The Dory twins grew up with nothing. Now on the verge of having everything, their fledgling company—built on Amelia’s intellect and Adam’s ambition—threatens to be torn apart by new, powerful enemies and old, malicious ones.

The Anti-Social Network is the second episode in The Start-Up series, a fast-paced and exciting serial story.

* The author sent me copies to review these books but opinions are all my own*

                Since these both are short novellas I thought I might just combine the reviews together. Basically this is about two siblings in college who are trying to make it big in the world while still living the normal college life. I liked Adam and Amelia they were independent and somewhat driven. They came from very hard backgrounds; foster homes and never having much money to do and buy things. When they get the scholarship to attend one of the most prestigious schools in the US you can't help but be happy that the bad days are over. Its hard for these young CEO's to make their mark but we all know they can. These books were good I rate them 3.5 out of 5 stars!

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