Saturday, December 3, 2011


Tallen by M.L. Saywer
(Quest of the Demon Aftermath)

Published by:Equilibrium Books
Released on:December 1st,2011
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Growing up not far from the road to Chinta on the edge of the Jungle Dragon, Tallen is excited to have her two brothers home. Recent times have been hard, Tallen herself barely surviving an attack by a derelict stranger in their very own barn.

The war that never was has relieved them of their duty at Chinta, so much so, that her father, the Sergeant of the Guard, is able to return for a visit, bringing news of a possible suitor for Tallen, given that she is almost of that age.

Tallen is not sure what she wants, and the man her father brings home is not what anyone expected. But at least she knows that her family has her best interests at heart when the pompous, self-interested merchant's son is sent back to Chinta.

The aftermath of the Offworlder's quest remains uncertain, the battle apparently lost. But for a reluctant Tallen, the journey is only just beginning, upon a path from which there may be no return.
Thank you Ms.Sawyer for a copy!

 I reviewed Quest of the Demon the first book a while back here is the link. I liked Quest of the Demon and I think I liked Tallen even more. We were introduced to Tallen in Quest of the Demon when Darby and her were attacked by a man in Tallen's barn. I like Tallen a lot. In QOD I thought she was very young and naive but she really is a strong young lady. I just want to say that Ms.Sawyers writing has improved since her first novel! If your looking for a fun and adventurous read this is your calling....I rate this 4 out of 5 stars!Check it out.

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