About Me

Hey everyone!I just first want to thank you for checking out this page and my blog!I'm not really good with introductions but here goes: My name is Ashlinn and I am 16 years old. I live in the USA with my parents,little brother,and a very fat cat named Bear Bear. I started reading when I was four I think and my first book was......hold on let me go ask my dad.He says he doesn't remember *face palm* I think it was The Cat in the Hat. Ever since then my love for reading has grown!I started this blog because none of my friends read for fun and if I ever started talking to them about books they would be very confused.So yep!Here's just a couple quick facts about myself:
  • My name means dream or vision in Irish or maybe its Gaelic?
  • I love animals so much and hope that one day every animal has a home.
  • Disney is a huge obsession of mine, I know childish but I just love it all.
  • Besides reading and blogging I surf the Internet,play games on facebook,and spend a lot of time watching beauty videos on YouTube(they are so addicting) and spending tons of time on Tumblr.
  • I used to collect baseball cards and probably have around 1,500-2,500.
  • I was never the athletic type:I took Irish dance lessons for 1 year,did swimming for 3 years,and basketball for 1 season.
  • I am naturally quiet and shy but people who know me call me weird and crazy(in a good way)
  • I enjoy the simple things in life, and would never change my life.
  • People say I'm very mature for my age.
  • My favorite color is PINK!
  • I love shopping,looking at makeup,doing hair,doing nails, you know the regular girly type things
 Thanks for visiting!<3