Friday, January 20, 2012


Random by Charong Chow

Released on:December 19th,2011
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After falling for the new guy at school, sixteen-year-old Tierney uncovers the truth surrounding the drug-fueled death of her best friend, Jeremy. Random, a contemporary expose of teenage life in Los Angeles, begins with a not-so-innocent truancy and builds - through complex, interwoven relationships - to a shock ending that sets Tierney up as a young female noir protagonist.

My Review-
Random was overall ok. I was excited to read the book because it has a really good plot but I was kinda disappointed. Mrs.Chow has a different writing style it's kind of one that you love or hate. The beginning was a little strange I thought it was kind of unnatural but the last chapter was probably the best in the book. It's very sad that this is based off a real life event in Mrs.Chow's life. Thanks for the copy Mrs.Chow
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Anonymous said...

Awww, sorry you didn't enjoy it that much! You never know, if you ever read it again you might enjoy it more, that's happened to me once, with the book Matched by Ally Condie :)

Beverley said...

Shame you didn't enjoy it. I always hate it when the synopsis of a book looks great but when you read it, it turns into a disappointment :(


Unknown said...

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Beth said...

:-( Sorry you didn't enjoy it,...your review was great though and really honest! I LOVE THIS BLOG! I am now a follower! Do you mind checking mine out?

Beth x