Friday, June 1, 2012

Review: Perdition

(Goddess of Night Novella:Book Two)
by Ley Mesina

Released on:March 8th 2012
Pages:45 PDF
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In the second installment of the Goddess of Night series, Lily ventures out into the Underworld determined to find Nyx and finally get the answers she’s been looking for.

Xander, Drew, and Roxy head out on a mission to rescue Roxy’s parents from the secret facility hidden below Devlond University.

The time has come. Secrets will finally be revealed and the world they once knew will change…  Forever.

   Perdition was a great second installment to the Goddess of Night Series. Immediately I connected with the characters again. I had forgotten some of the story because I read Reborn last summer but I immediately caught on. 

  I felt like I got to know Lily a lot better and I'm glad the book answered some remaining questions from the first book. Also I'm very happy that Xander and Lily's romantic relationship progressed. Overall I enjoyed the book very much and I'm looking forward to the third book. I rate this 4 out of 5 stars.

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Ann @ Blogging Profits Unleashed said...

Fab review! I really enjoyed this book, it's even getting better! :) said...

Excellent review! I may not have been offered away by this follow up as opposed to first guide, but I still liked it regardless.

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